Toronto roofing contractor tip about a Tile Roof Repair

Toronto roofing contractor tip about a Tile Roof Repair

We’re on this concrete tile roof and we’re going to go ahead and replace a concrete tile.

You’ve got a tile with a crack on the surface and we’re going to go ahead and demonstrate how easy it is to replace a single tile.
This roof is about five years old and that break is probably due to footfall but we’re going to go ahead and take it out try to get matched for it.

The nice thing about this roof is it’s a multicolored roof and seeing you’ve got a little bit of a reddish tinge to this tile a grayish tinge to this tile.

So the roof has about four or five different variations of roofing color in it it’ll make mashing a bit easier

So what I’ve done is I’ve just taken off the broken piece and I’m taking a look to see how the style of roof is constructed by a toronto roofing contractor

Now on a lot of tile roofs depending on where I was built I used to just nail the first and second rows first and second courses and then the rest of the roof would be just held on by the sheer weight of concrete tiles

That all pretty much changed after 94-95 era where they decided to start nailing down every single tile. That’s what we have here every single tile is nailed down

Some codes also allowed roofing contractors to nail down every other row but in our situation we’ve got the roofing nails through this bottom row and this one right here is nailed down as well so when we remove this tile we’re going to have to somehow get to that nail immediately underneath this top row tiles and I’ll show you how we’re going to do

We’re going to see if we can match up dishing here I found a tile from here you can see matches very well the new tile is a little bit glass here but simply because it’s new but this looks pretty good it’s pretty decent match

One’s a little bit older, the other ones are new but the thing to keep in mind is that the width is exactly the same. The interlocking edge right here is exactly the same as well and the color for dimension one

Earlier I had made mentioned that this looked like football damage the reason that I say that is to take a look at where the damage is it corresponds to somebody placing that foot in the center of the tile and this part of the tile is unsupported because it’s resting on the upper edge of the lower course and it’s resting on the deck up above

So the best place to walk is where the tiles are supported and that would be right in this area or that lower lip area right here

so if I’m walking up this roof I will prefer to step right on these trailing edges because that’s the area that’s supported.

If i start walking in the center you can see the center is basically unsupported and that’s where you’re going to put a lot of pressure on the tile and cause the possible breakage.

A pretty simple tool I like to use it’s a reciprocating saw with a very large blade at the end and the way that this is going to work is I’m going to take this reciprocating saw and I’m going to demonstrate on this time I’m going to stick it up as far as I can and hook that nail and cut the nail right. When you see the head of this nail this means that cut it off and the shingle should pull right out.

One thing worth mentioning you can see right there that’s the nail that was holding that tile obviously we’re not gonna be able to replace that nail we’re going to go ahead and use your roofing cement to seal it in but once a roofer has roofing cement out best thing to do is pull that nail and make sure that the felt paper is covered up with a little bit of roofing cement to prevent in the leakage

Then you will see the nail I just went ahead and pulled it up obviously that nail is left a small little hole and I’m going to take my roofing cement pass that up so um there’s the roofing cement nail hole patch that’s all it took was just a dab of cement on there

Next what we’re going to do is I’m going to take roofing cement I’m going to line this outer edge of tile with it the reason for that is obviously I can’t remove this tile so I can go ahead and Re-cement it in place and that’s perfectly legal to all codes

I’m going to Re-cement it in place and I’ll keep this one tile in well the other ones are nailed okay I’ve smeared the roofing cement on that outer edge and I’m going to go ahead and slide the tile in place you can see I’ve got that one tile in place the pry bars once they let down we’ll go ahead and put weight on the tile and the roofing cement will dry and it will be permanently attached to this roof there you have it the repairs complete blends perfectly into the existing roof and it took about 15 minutes maybe 20 minutes to find the actual tile match taking an overview of the slope I think one will be hard-pressed to find the actual repair

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