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New Roof Installation

New roof installation done right is important in ensuring that your roof will last for years to come and will withstand the many types of weather we experience here in the Toronto area.

Commercial Roofing

We’ll make sure that everything is done precisely to look great, protect your business, boost your curb appeal and resale value – all while making sure that the commercial roof replacement cost is favorable to your budget as well.

Metal Roofing

There are certainly benefits that come with metal roofs. For example, metal roofs are lightweight and have an extremely long life expectancy. They are fire-resistant and generally take less time to install.

Roof Repair

Not only make sure that your roof repair is done quickly and professionally, but we can also make sure that there is no additional water damage that could cause problems down the road. A leaky roof can be dangerous to your roof, your home, and your family.

Roof Maintenance

To prevent normal wear-and-tear from becoming a big problem, let us take care of your roof maintenance for you. By keeping your roof fixed on a yearly basis, you can save thousands of dollars on a new roof by maintaining your current one, so let us come out and show you how we can help you save money.

Roof Snow Removal

When the snow begins to melt, it can come off in large pieces which can pose an additional threat to your landscaping, vehicles, and other nearby structures. To make sure that your family and property stay safe this winter season, give us a call for roof snow removal and Let us get the snow off of your roof quickly and effectively.

Skylights Installation

An effective way in beautifying your home is by installing skylights and sun tunnels. Skylights are a fantastic way to brighten dark areas within your home. You can add value to your property and make it more pleasing to the eyes

Gutter Installation

Blocked gutters can lead to structural problems in your home. A gradual build up from leaves can damage the roof, brickwork and fascia, right down to the foundations. Internal damage to walls and décor can also be a problem.

Shingle Roofing

There are signs you need to know before you replace your roof and our roofers are familiar with all those symptoms. We provide professional opinions when installing new materials on your roof, including the factors we need to consider.

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We focus on residential and commercial roofing, gutters and sidings in Toronto.

We are proud to state that Toronto Roofer is one of the first roofing companies to offer Eco Friendly Roofing Services.
Our 1st priority is securing your family’s roof.

Our roof installers have years of expertise in the roofing industry and are trained and insured. We attempt to keep current with the new energy eco friendly roofing products that emerge in the market.

Being a home owner you would like the maximum amount of info possible for your Toronto roofing project.

We understand that your roof is the foremost important safety element of your property.

Contact us for any new Roofing Replacement & Installation or any Roof Repairs Services in the Toronto area.

FREE Roof Inspection: (647)-847-8826

Toronto Roofer is a locally owned and operated roofing contractor based out of Toronto

Toronto Roofer offers a number of roofing services to address the needs of residents in the local area. We specialize in shingle roofs and flat commercial roofing. From reroofs and repairs to new installations and other home improvement services, we continue to protect our neighbors’ investments using the best materials and equipment.

We are committed to treating every customer the way we would want to be treated. Choose our team and rely on us to:

  •  Work around your schedule
  •  Offer free estimates for area residents
  •  Always deliver on our promises
  •  Provide reliable and honest service

Most of all, we will make sure you remain informed and satisfied
throughout the entire process. To learn more about our company or to get
started with any of our services, please call Toronto Roofer today at
(647) 847-8826
Is Your Roof Over 15 Years Old? It’s Time for a Checkup.
Choose Toronto Roofer as your residential roofing contractor
Many traditional roofing systems need to be looked at after 15 years. Around this time, a number of problems can begin to show up. Issues can occur even earlier if you weren’t able to maintain it over the years. Not to worry – with Toronto Roofer, your old roof will be as good as new. We
provide a range of services to take care of any roofing problem, whether

  •  Storm damaged roofs
  •  Stained or discolored roofing
  •  Leaking Roofs

Toronto Roofer works on all types of roofs. We can repair or replace your roofing system, or install a new roof on your newly constructed residential structure