Toronto Roofing Contractor – Shingle removing process

Toronto Roofing Contractor – Shingle removing process

Toronto Roofing Contractor – Shingle removing process

Start removing the shingles
If you want to take this shingle out you have to go to shingles above and you have to pull these nails out so this is the one that we’re wanting to take up .

These shingles are in pretty bad shape so they’re not you’re not sticking very well to the seal tab to the shingles so this feel very easy you can see they’re just looking up sticking it all again want to take this one up

You got to take these nails out now these are mailed to high no there’s supposed to be one inch above the cutout line you get your flat bar upon these roofing nails and raise the tab like that well that head just work right off so you have that loose here they say they just slides right out as you can tell

Catch the top of the shingle here and over here it was two highest I didn’t catch the top just barely right there on the edge and again the nail supposed to be about one inch above the cutout and on the ends one inch up and one edge over that’s a good nail pattern on steeper roofs where the shingles could slide the building codes and the manufacturer of the shingles may require you to put a nail on each side of the cut out so you have one here to here to here and then on the other end.

Let’s take the next shingle out and these are put on a running bond line there stepped over six inches if you have a 12-inch tab as you can see here six inches this way six inches back and then fix inches over this way again and that’s how they’re put on so as you can tell this nail is not catching the top.

Supposed to catch the top of the shingles that way you have two rows of nails on a channel and supposed to be dependent venom of four males for single some people looking this tab as you can see here there’s not a nail there so that’s called a three and four pattern yeah those are gonna gets three nails as I don’t want to get for that’s not the proper way to do it so let’s put these shingles back.

Always try to use new nails will slide this up under here you want to line the shingles up you don’t want just a drop or go higher it’s just it’s not a good way to do it once your I to be nice and neat about .

We have four nails in that jingle and lining them up and that is over here well I have we’re missing a nail so you want while you’re here go ahead and put a nail right there make sure this hand is still up.

We had to pick nails out to get it in a well we won’t go along and make sure you nail out these good just do a quick check make sure and once again you got your flat bar these are sold at the building supply hardware stores just about everybody carries these

As you can see my corners are rounded off when you buy them they’re usually sharp and that’ll cut into shingles this one’s been used a lot and could get a grinder and just grind the sharp edges off I think it just respect you got two utility knife with the hook blade and a utility knife just with a straight blade

I like having two knives I don’t have to to change them out change the blade out if you’re just doing a repair to you know one knife where you can change the blades out that we find this one’s good for cutting felt paper and like say the backs of the shingles this one had just just mostly used just for cutting the face the shingle it just it just glides right through it

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