Roof Replacement Toronto – What do you need to know?

Roof Replacement Toronto – What do you need to know?

Roof Replacement Toronto – What do you need to know?

Few questions came in that people kinda  wanted to find out about is that when they are contacting a toronto roofing company should they be asking about the guarantee what should they be asking these companies to make sure that they are covered?

I guess what we’d like to say is this we are a company of guarantees and not a company warranties.
What does that mean to the average homeowner? So what you notice this is if average homeowner would have someone come by and bring a contract it’s gonna have a bunch of stuff on the back of this back to the contract that says why they’re not responsible for all the things that could go wrong on your house or failures in the product.

I know that a lot of out there they do that’s what they offer is warranties they don’t offer guarantees um great information there is another big thing too and I wanted to mention it there’s how do companies first of find out if the company that they were contacting and talking with actually have proper insurance.

If you can imagine the average home in the Toronto area if we were to tear off your roof into under storm a come in and ruin everything in your house with fifty thousand dollars even begin to cover that the answer is No in most cases I’m so even if they have a quote unquote proper coverage your house probably isn’t really protected at our company would carry a two million on both our workers comp and general liability in most cases that will cover just about the average homeowner well good information.

Most companies offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee um yet I don’t know really of any other toronto roofing company that does on sure somewhere there is big om everything our company is over 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on what that really means is exactly what it says that if we can’t make you 100 percent satisfied them will give your money back om that’s never happened yet so I don’t perceive that having to happen anytime soon it just gives you for knowledge of how we’re gonna work for you.

Knowing that if we don’t keep you satisfied we’re gonna have to give you your money back we work really hard to make sure that everything goes as good as they can for you the customer .

I don’t know of any companies out there that has type guarantee in place I’m yet to be pretty sure what you’re doing do you an offer something like that .

Do they offer the lowest investment guarantee and also do you guys do financing?

Yes and again I believe that that’s probably something that’s more traditional our company as part of our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee we want you to know that no high-pressure salesman came into your home and talk you into overpaying for a roof before you knew it was it was done and you felt ripped off.

So what we do is we have a lowest investment guarantee it says two things one, if you take other bids and you find any other bid it has a better investment price then we will give you the difference back and done it also says that you have 365 days after signing contract the price shop us as well now you will always find a lower price.

it’s not lowest price guarantee is the best investment so what we put on the table the root system we give you for the price we give you will not be matched.

And then secondly on we do offer our customers financing on we partnered with a few different organizations.

You need to do really compare apples to apples when your doing anything whether buying a car buying a roof or just shopping at the local store.

The most important day in the life of your the toronto roof is the day it is installed and more importantly than that is who installed it.
if that installer doesn’t install it correctly if that installer doesn’t put the the product down the way it should that is that installer isn’t giving you the right guarantee.

It really doesn’t matter because your systems failing the day was installed so the most important days choosing the right person to install that toronto roof really good and that the company that stand behind you if there are problems down the road

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