How To Shingle A Shed Roof in Toronto

How To Shingle A Shed Roof in Toronto

We will show you how to shingle your shed roof. Shingling in your toronto roof might seem complicated, but its easy if you take it one step at a time. First of all you want to use three quarter inch long galvanized roofing nails for all your roof work. Install the metal drip edge along both eave edges. I prefer using three-inch “D” style. In this case I have already painted it to match my trim. Roll out a layer 15 or 30 pound felt paper to cover the entire roof. Use just enough roofing nails to keep it in place Install a drip edge on the gable ends on top of the felt paper.

Install a starter row of shingles. These are shingles with the tabs cut off you that you will install and nail close to the edge. The glue strip on this starter row of shingles will hold the tabs of the next row in place. You’ll want to stagger the joints between the shingles to prevent leaking and water damage. Begin the starter row with a full shingle then cut half a tab off every other row of shingles.

This way every joint where the shingles come together be covered by a full tab above it. Most toronto roofing shingle manufactures specify five inches of’ exposure. Put four roofing nails in each single about 5/8 inch above the tab cut-out but below the glue line. Stack some shingles along the ridgeline for convenience. And begin installing the shingles from the bottom eave up to the top. Start the shingles from the front of the shed and work to the back because the starting edge will be neater and less ragged than the edge you cut to fit.

Work from the same end on both sides the shed. This way you can use the cut offs from one side to finish the row on the other side. Use a utility knife, a straight edge and a cutting board trim the shingles to fit at the end of each row. Remember to keep these cutoffs to use on the other side of the shed if they are long enough. Measure your shingle rows to make sure they aren’t getting wider or narrow. If so make it up on the next few rows. Don’t wait till you get all the way to the top to find that your rows are all uneven.

If you can’t do it by eye then snap a chalk line. You can also use the lines on the felt paper if you installed it square. But most likely you’ll need to snap a chalk line. Use your utility knife and straight edge and cut a stack shingle tabs to nail along the ridge cap. The back edge of each tab tapers in so that it will fit neatly under the tab on top of it.

Nail the row of ridge caps on and you’re finished with the roof. Thanks for watching this video on how to shingle your shed roof. The next video in this series is how to maintain you shed for a long life. To buy the plans to build this shed building series go to our website at

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