How to Know If You Need Roof Repairs or a Full Roof Replacement in Toronto

How to Know If You Need Roof Repairs or a Full Roof Replacement in Toronto

Why is it important to consider roof repairs or roof replacement.

How does a homeowner make the decision?

Well one of the easiest ways of course is to to invite Toronto Roofer to come out and inspect your roof to see whether or not it needs to be replaced or it can be repaired is the first thing.
The age of your roof usually dictates whether or not it should be repaired or replaced. The general condition of it whether you’ve had storm damage or whether or not there’s workmanship or material issues with the roof decides if a repair or replacement makes sense.

What does the average average roof repair run?

Wow usually six hundred to a thousand dollars but most the repairs that people need are maintenance type repairs to have the accessories on their roof basically be able to last as long as the rest of the life of the shingles on their roof

That’s typically the type of roof repair and maintenance we’re doing is to get everybody’s accessories to catch up with the rest of the life of the roof.

What about what are some sort of key indicators that lets a homeowner know nope it’s time must replace the repair isn’t going to cut it this time.

If your shingles look blistered and if you notice that you have high nails or nail pops throughout the field areas of the roof
If you’re seeing a lot of granule loss in your bottom of your downspouts where the granules of the shingles are washing away that’s typically an indicator that your roof is on the downside of its life cycle.

We’re certified to install all of the manufacturer brand shingles but we lead with GAF and atlas shingles so both jf and atlas offer bumper-to-bumper warranties that other man you lecturers don’t and atlas features a third party 3m Scotch Guard warranty that we really like for customers that have stained roofs and want to eliminate that problem in the future.

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